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Sunday, October 30, 2011

External Colour Selections and the Kitchen Sink

Ok, we have made our final external colour choices and they are as follows:

Roof: Monier Tiles Elebana ‘Barramundi’
Gutter, Fascia and Downpipes: Colourbond ‘Dune’
Water Tank: Colourbond ‘Dune’
Cladding: Wattyl ‘Maltshake’
Render: Wattyl ‘Romeo Romeo’
Brick: Boral ‘Rose Cove’
Mortar: Raked finish, off-white
Windows: Aluminium ‘Pearl White’
Entry Door: Hume Savoy Range XS24 1200 Entry door in a dark-wooden stain and translucent glass
Garage Door: Panelmasta Caprice ‘White’
Balcony Railing: Colourbond ‘Surfmist’
Eaves: Colourbond ‘Paperbark’
Driveway: Coloured Concrete Colour-Thru 'French Grey'

Roof tile:


Wattyl Colours:


Here are some pics of the bricks with ‘Dune,’ ‘Maltshake’ and ‘Romeo Romeo’ colour chips. We think they work well together. The hardest part really was choosing the render colour, especially as we can no longer get Wattyl sample pots (the reason, we’ve been told for this, is that the company has been sold and in this transition time they’re re-negotiating with suppliers…or something to that effect, no one really knows for sure). 

Overcast light:

Full sunlight:

We actually like that the render colour chosen looks different in different lights. It looks more red in direct sunlight and more purple in indirect or overcast light. They both look nice against the brick and I think/hope it will make the facade even more interesting. Especially as the bricks are two-toned.

The final draw-up of our external colours thanks to New Home Visuals:

We’ve also managed to order a Kitchen sink, which has been no mean feat. The sink we found discounted at Bunnings was the last one in the store and had already been reserved for someone months ago. It took several weeks though for Bunnings to convey this to us (Note: they’re helpful when you’re physically in the store, but don’t rely on them calling you back).  Anyway, turns out there is one left in the entire chain, and it’s at Taree. So, our local Bunnings called Taree, asked them to confirm that they had the sink, that it had all of its accessories and asked them to ship it to us. It’ll take several weeks, but we’re not in a hurry. So, assuming it turns up ok, we'll get a $2,000 sink for less than a quarter of the price!!!! The reason it was $2k is because of all the accessories it comes with. It has a cutting board, plate tray, colander, grater and soap dispenser! We love this sink, and I hope it survives its journey.

Our Sink:

Lastly, I’m a bit behind in doing up a landscape plan.  I know roughly what I want to do, but it’s made complicated by the Estate Guidelines which dictate the types of plants we can have, how many and which size! It’s not easy, especially as there is money riding on this (we had to give over a bond to “promise” we’d build a house in-keeping with the Guidelines). So, tonight and tomorrow I will be brainstorming with my mother who is a gardening almanac. Hopefully we can still submit to Council and Stocklands this week. We’ll keep you posted.

On the home-front, tiling is underway in the unit, painting starts soon and Mick and I are slowly preparing to store things so we can get the unit on the market. Unfortunately Dec/Jan is the worst time to sell, but the area is very sought after so *fingers crossed* it’ll be ok.


  1. Thank you for your kind words over at my blog. It is a beautiful home. It was sold last year. It was a beautiful experience to live in it while I did! I now live in an apartment but plan a move into a house in the not too distant future! Glad to hear there is another 'unmopper' out there! Looks like you are at the most exciting stage of a build.... I love the planning and dreaming stage! A-M xx

  2. Thanks A-M. I love the house you built and know that when you find the next project it will be even better! I agree that planning is the most exciting stage (especially now that we have a wonderful builder), and I guess that's why we've taken so long! We keep tweaking things. Even this weekend we went to check out the display home our house is based on, and fell in love with the vaulted ceilings in our builder's other display it looks like we'll be asking a question or two of our draftsman on Monday morning. Not sure we'll actually get the ceilings, but it can't hurt to ask... Anyway, I love your blog, and appreciate that you stopped by mine :) Ash.

  3. Good to see that you're taking it slowly and getting all the things you'll love. The best thing you did was to sack that builder!

  4. Thanks Alaine, you are right. Sacking Rawson Homes was the best thing we ever did. Mick and I are taking a very long time with the planning because we really want to get it right. And we have time as we wait for the unit to be finished and sold. At least now the process is exciting not upsetting.

  5. The roof, bricks colours everything looks fantastic...well done!!!! Can't wait to see more posts.

  6. Thanks Sands. Hope to have more interesting things to post soon! Ash.