Share our trials and tribulations as we build our new home - a custom Dominico by Fairmont Homes NSW

Saturday, April 13, 2013

So Close, Yet Still So Far

Like so many house builders before us, Mick and I are frustrated to be so close to keys and yet so far.

As usual, a few photos and a few issues:

Our bottom window has (almost) been replaced, it's just missing the solid middle panel. It already looks better. It's great to have this shot as you still have the top window to compare it to. The top window will be changed as well.

Our rangehood is lower than we wanted, but has been installed according to the manufacturer's instructions . It still looks great and is a real talking point. We think it will be something people either love or hate.

Our microwave cupboard. It's a dream to open and close.

Powder Room vanity and toilet. The drawers don't open or close properly. Hopefully that is something easily sorted.

Oh that darn pipe. We had wanted (and ordered) a wall-hung vanity, but alas, our raked ceiling made that impossible (as it did on a few things) and a compromise was this pipe. Problem is it is very visible as it is in line with the hallway, so unfortunately you see it a mile off (can't blame us/Fairmont for trying!). Time now to "bling" it up with a chrome sleeve and make it look purposeful... fingers crossed!

It is a nice vanity. Needs a bigger/better tap...*sigh* add it to the wish list! And the drawers are sticking :-S

The spa bath, another hard-fought battle. How's that tap!

This one sucks. We changed the towel rails in the Main Bathroom from 2 x 900mm doubles to 2 x 700mm doubles, as the space is tight. And despite our builder's best efforts (the 900's are sitting in their office to avoid confusion on site), the sub-contractors have drilled the tiles at the 900mm spacing instead of 700mm, and installed the 900mm that is supposed to be in the Powder Room. So, the tiles need replacing.

Holes  incorrectly drilled for the second 900mm towel rail.
Ensuite vanity. You know, of all the vanities it's copped a battering as ex-display stock, but it's the only one with drawers that work!

Ensuite shower. The hand-rail and rain-head are separately plumbed.

On the plan, the hand-rail is supposed to be on the other side of the rose (i.e. in-line with the edge of the seat). But, it has been installed now and is not worth removing the tiles and possibly disturbing the water-proofing. This way around it is easier to stand under it as a shower, we had just hoped to be able to sit and shower (still a possibility, it's just a little harder).

Ensuite toilet, toilet roll holder and spare toilet roll holder.

Our unsightly alarm system in our showcase (I wish) wardrobe is taking up so much room. Fairmont will ask the alarm company if they can move the wireless router thingy (I'm so technical) in between the box and powerpoint. This way we can more easily hide it in a cupboard (we only have room for overhead cupboards here, and the current configuration will make them sit too low).

Our video intercom/doorbell has been installed. It looks good, but it's installed in the middle of the bricks on the right side of the porch (as you face the house), and is not immediately obvious. I didn't even notice it. Wish we had specified that it be installed next to the door. Anybody about to build who is reading this blog, please take note to specify the location of EVERYTHING!

Entry video doorbell/intercom, alarm and light switches.

I can confirm that we are now having our driveway installed by Fairmont. It's not a fancy driveway, but it's not cheap (makes me wonder about the large/ornate driveways out there!). And because nothing has gone smoothly on this build, we can't have the shape/layout on our plans. The main reason is that there is a council tree right smack bang in the middle of where we'd like to run it. Knowing what a hassle it is to have council remove/move a tree, Mick has re-worked the design and this is our compromise:

The perforated black line is the old design. The yellow star is the tree and the curb can't come within 1m of the tree, so the yellow line is the new design. With our driveway pointing left and our house facing right, our place is going to be a bit wonky...just like us I guess!
 Still to do:

- Finish replacing the windows (front, WIR and laundry) and service the rest
- Finish installing the bathroomware, replace tiles in Main bathroom where incorrect holes drilled, install mirrors and fix drawers in vanities
- Chrome plate waste pipe in Main Bathroom
- Install water tank, HWS, A/C and kitchen appliances
- Replace the HPM powerpoints and lightswitches with the Clipsal we ordered
- Fix the myriad of red dots in the house (lots of the typical chips etc)
- Re-paint the TV Room Feature wall (have I mentioned that we changed the colour..? Stay tuned!) and re-paint the downstairs hallway niche (site supervisor had the wall sanded as it had some rough patches)
- Re-brick under back door
- Stain first stair tread
- Install screen on balcony
- Pendant lights in the kitchen to be installed
- Driveway
- Clean...and probably a whole host of other things we've forgotten!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Just a Quick Update...

...The house clean has been booked for next week and our "final" inspection is set for Sat 13th April. BUT we're still waiting on the replacement windows. As soon as they turn up (assuming we're happy with the inspection), we get keys!

In the meantime, we've asked Fairmont to quote on the driveway. It will likely cost us more to go through them, but A) we don't have to deal with contractors and B) if it gets us in sooner, we save money on storage fees.

We've also asked friends/family for a contribution towards landscaping (in the form of nursery gift-vouchers) as our engagement present.

I hope we can get the flooring completed in time for the engagement party, which is May 18th. Not that it really matters as we're not having it at home, but it would be nice to show people through.

Have a wonderful weekend!