Share our trials and tribulations as we build our new home - a custom Dominico by Fairmont Homes NSW

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Whirlybirds and Solar Are In

Our usual weekend drive past the block revealed that we have a whirlybird (a last minute addition) and solar panels! There will be a second whirlybird installed in the roof above the alfresco area. They make a significant difference to insulating your home, so we hope to reap the benefits in our power bills.

Our cladding is also all done, most of the balcony has a ceiling and we have downpipes! The first layer of render has also been completed. I am stoked. It is all looking fantastic.

Here are the pics:

Our whirlybird and solar panels! Neither are visible from our street, though you can see them coming up the main street in our estate (where this pic was taken from), but they don't steal the focus.

All clad, balcony ceiling almost complete and first stage of render done.

LOVE the cladding colour. I wanted a nice creamy colour to relate to the cream in the bricks and main internal wall colour. I also think it will help lighten/soften the facade. Have I mentioned that I also love the gable? I don't think I was ever excited about it before, but it's just beautiful.

I love that the sides of our house aren't just big walls of brick. I also think our downpipes and guttering tie-in seamlessly and are a good transition between the dark roof and cream cladding.

Another shot of the back roof. (Mick was so chuffed)

Hopefully everything stays on track for data-cabling and lock-up this weekend...

EDIT 22/10/2012: We've realised that the solar panels are in the wrong place (click here for plan). We had planned on adding to them over the years, so now it's on to our Builder to see if current placement will effect that and why they're in the wrong place. Maybe there's a reason...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Externals Almost Finished

Our drive past the house last weekend unveiled our cladding!

As you can see from the photos below, the external work is nearing completion and we edge ever closer to lock-up stage...

I'm not yet sure about the cladding colour...I hope that with everything completed (especially the render), it blends well.

This weekend Mick, and a select hard-working few, will be data-cabling the house (assuming everything sticks to schedule this week). We also need to get cracking on ordering the tiles and timber...

Busy, busy!

Edit 18/10/12: The roof won't be finished this weekend, so data-cabling has been postponed. More than likely it will be ready next weekend, but Mick is unavailable, so it should be done 03 Nov.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

First Inspection

Today we had our first guided inspection of the house with our builder (Fairmont Homes NSW).

Our bricks have been cleaned and look fantastic. They are straight and true, the corners are sharp and the job just looks a million dollars. I should ask who the brickies were because I would recommend them to anyone. But...I didn't get a good photo of the bricks! I shall see if I can get us to the house tomorrow to take some pics to upload. So, watch this space.

Sadly, we really didn't take enough photos in general. We were a bit preoccupied with just looking, plus I have a cold and Mick was busily taking measurements :( I've supplemented with some older pics not previously posted (the bricks aren't shiny in them though).

So, now onto the photos we DID take!


Main bathroom (bath plumbing)

Main Bathroom Skylight!!! (How I wish I had seen it in person, however Mick was the only one able to go upstairs with the builder as he has his White Card)

Main Bathroom Skylight! I can't wait to soak in a bath and look at the sky...

Steel beam in the garage. Well worth the expense to not have a center pylon (one less thing to look out for when parking!)

View from the Kitchen/Meals area of another expensive steel beam. Again worth it though, just to not have a pylon blocking the view.

Media Room windows. Apparently they're not quite centered in the room. Hopefully it won't be noticeable when the house is done...

Shiny bricks clad our Media Room!

Side access (non-shiny bricks)
View from the formal living room into the study. That horrible waste-water pipe (our nemesis) may be able to be re-located outside (we will cross our fingers and keep you posted)

The Garage, or Mick's "Manland." I can just see the beer fridge, work bench and motorbikes now...

View from the upstairs TV Room (again, super jealous that I didn't get to see in person)

There are still a few issues, but they should be sorted in time, and all-in-all the house is looking great and we can't wait to be in.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Bricks and Roof Almost Complete

With the long weekend and fantastic weather there was no excuse, we drove past the block to check on things.

Our bricks are nearly done (well, to our untrained eyes anyway)! It's great to start to get a sense for the balcony and fa├žade. I can't wait to see the cladding go up.

Our roof is almost finished as well. Just the Alfresco area to tile. (I tried to take a pic from the back, but it didn't turn out very well):

I'm excited to report that we have an inspection booked with the builder this Saturday. So more pics will be available next week.

Also, one weekend soon Mick will be data-cabling the house with his friend who normally cables large commercial fit-outs. We're very grateful for his help and that our builder will let us do this before hand-over.

Mick also purchased a second storage unit, as our first filled-up long ago and we now need a place to stash things like tiles, vanities and the fridge we won. So...let the ordering begin!