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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Small steps

So, we sent Rawson a comprehensive email detailing our issues and suggested resolutions then met with the salesman we had initial dealings with, yesterday. The upshot is that Rawson are looking to correct some issues they have in their process and the CEO and GM will be meeting today to discuss the email. Then they will settup a meeting with Mick and I to try and fix things. Mick and I appreciate their efforts and hope that we can come to an agreement, as we know Rawson can deliver us our dream home. It's a shame that it had to come to this, but I hope we can help them correct their errors to help us and others have a smoother time of what should be an exciting experience.

If they can work with us to bring costs down and lift their customer service, then we will arrange another meeting to discuss final changes we have, and (hopefully) sort the plans out once and for all.

I have attached a copy of the email below, removing references to names within Rawson. As much as we want to share our experience with others, we need to be careful that what we say isn't seen as slanderous or a personal attack. It is certainly not our intention to be mean-spirited and we hope that we can make this work and are glad to see that both parties appear to have the same wish....I might have to put a disclaimer on our blog like I have seen with others...Hopefully it is clear that the opinions expressed in this blog are soley Mick's and mine and blah blah, you know what we mean :)

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