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Sunday, December 11, 2011

We're on the market!

The unit is on the market and had its first showing on Saturday before it was even on the internet! Professional photos are being taken and a floor-plan drawn up on Monday and I look forward to seeing how it comes up and the response we get from buyers. Here's hoping for a good price and quick sale!


  1. Hope it's a quick sale for you :)

    Wasn't sure if you would check back on the comments in my post but wanted to let you know that with our cabinetmaker handleless drawers were the same price as standard handles. Long, good quality handles were extra.

    We've got a 3m long vanity in our ensuite, with 3 sets of handleless drawers. They look hot, but I must admit aren't very practical. Especially if you have long nails (and want them to stay long) :)

    Good luck


  2. Thanks B.Good to hear about the price of handles, however the impracticality is a worry. I guess what I really want are the push-open drawers then...hmmm, will have to give it some more thought as I do like my long nails!

    Ash :)

  3. I considered the push to open drawers briefly... but learned that they are both annoying and very expensive :O

    They tend to open if you (or a small child) accidentaly lean on them or touch with your knee for example.

    We've got three push to open overhead cabinets in our kitchen and they get covered with fingerprints very quickly :(