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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We Have Pegs!

We visited the block today and lo-and-behold, we have pegs! I nearly didn't want to visit the block because of our neighbours, which is a really sad thing, but not to be deterred, we braved it (and moved our neighbour's bins off our property and onto theirs in the process).

The clearing looks good. There are still a couple of red hot pokers which Mum is going to transplant as it would be a shame to kill them, as well as the beautiful established trees, some agapanthus' and a ground cover. We also discovered a retaining wall buried at the back which will now be our guide for our rear garden. The tricky issue I foresee is the side fence. We need as much clearance that side as possible as it will be a thoroughfare, however the site cut will mean that the fence will be unsupported and I'm not sure how agreeable our neighbours will be with the idea of underpinning the fence...Anyway, we can worry about that another day. For now it was just great to see the pegs, as they mark progress and also show how big our land really is as the temporary fence sits well inside our boundaries at the moment.

Here are some piccies:

Taken March 2011

Taken June 2012. We have a lake!

This is where our neighbours like to keep their bins. Yuk!

Peg! And red hot pokers.

The rubble left by our neighbours. Charming.

Pegs and pokers!

They're so pretty.


  1. Yay it's finally happening, great to see :)
    good luck and let the rain stop!!

    1. Thanks Chantelle! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weather holds.


  2. Congratulations on getting your pegs.. exciting times :)

    (nice avatar) :)

  3. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    Congrats :)


  4. Word verification is so annoying *shy*

    1. Lol. That it is!

      Thanks for the congrats, Mick and I are getting exciting now and are actually referring to "when we move." No more "if's!"

      Ash :)