Share our trials and tribulations as we build our new home - a custom Dominico by Fairmont Homes NSW

Sunday, August 26, 2012


We're so excited that the bricks have begun to go up and they look great! They're something a bit soft and different, though they tie-in quite well with our neighbour who independently of us chose a similar brick. We were worried at first as the mortar looks grey at the front, but we suspect that this is simply because it's still wet...well, we hope this is the case as the mortar at the back was off-white (as we chose).

Also, the plumber has corrected the Ensuite overhead shower (though it's not centred), and insulated the pipes. The other plumbing issues aren't sorted though. Fairmont have also moved the windows in the Media Room, however they're not in-line with each other...hmmmmmmm....

The steel beams in the Alfresco Area and Garage are up. These were expensive but worth it not to have columns.

Anyway, here are some pics:

LOVE the look of our bricks!

We suspect the "Plain Jane" bricks stacked on the porch are for the rendered columns.

The mis-matched height of the windows is rather...interesting :-S

Insulated pipes

Beam in Alfresco Area

Beam in the Garage


  1. Yay, I was hoping we'd see an update from you soon :)

    Peaches and cream was the absolute perfect description for your bricks, your bricks look so beautiful, a wonderful choice!! It's such a relief when you see them going up and realise it's all going to come together the way you intended.

    Hope the other issues can get sorted out quick smart, so annoying to have to constantly check that the basics are done correctly (and to the plan). Incredible that they would leave those windows like that.

    1. Thank you!!! Yes, the bricks were hard to describe and when we had the image of the house drawn up (see top right of blog) they looked pink! The guy at Boral tried to talk us out of them but it was love at first sight and we completely changed our colour scheme for them. Luckily we didn't go with the brick the guy at Boral recommended cos they are what our neighbour chose! They're nice but not as nice as ours ;)

      I hope Fairmont fix these issues soon. They're causing us major stress :(

      But for now, I'll just think on the bricks...

  2. Wow those bricks look lovely!!
    We are having issues too, not being fixed as fast as we had hoped either. Fingers crossed they do and our stress levels go down.
    Yay for bricks though, how quick!

    1. Thank you :)

      I hear you on the issues and the stress they cause. Why does it seem that most tradesmen don't take the same level of pride/care in their work that Mick and I take in ours (apologies to the few who do)? As I've said to Fairmont, you would not put up with this in your own home or one of your display homes. Why is "near enough" good enough for us..???

  3. Hoping the issues get fixed quickly...your bricks are really nice!

    1. Thanks sands :) I hope things get sorted soon too. I'm keeping the faith, though not holding my breath! Oh well, at least it's nearly the to make final flooring and tile choices :)