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Monday, October 15, 2012

Externals Almost Finished

Our drive past the house last weekend unveiled our cladding!

As you can see from the photos below, the external work is nearing completion and we edge ever closer to lock-up stage...

I'm not yet sure about the cladding colour...I hope that with everything completed (especially the render), it blends well.

This weekend Mick, and a select hard-working few, will be data-cabling the house (assuming everything sticks to schedule this week). We also need to get cracking on ordering the tiles and timber...

Busy, busy!

Edit 18/10/12: The roof won't be finished this weekend, so data-cabling has been postponed. More than likely it will be ready next weekend, but Mick is unavailable, so it should be done 03 Nov.


  1. Its looking good. We are at the same stage we are just waiting for our alfresco roof to be completed.

    1. Ours too.

      Yay! Here's hoping we're both in by Christmas :)

  2. Hope I'm not telling anyone how to suck eggs here but will suggest anyway....Make sure the boys either mark on floor or draw a 'mud map' of location of data points. Some gyprock teams cut these outlets as they go, others don't and the electricial is responsible for marking or mapping their location. As you are independently adding cabling either be prepared or get confirmation from your project supervisor that they'll be pulled through. Nothing worse than playing 'find the cable' in a beautifully finished wall.
    x KL

    1. Thanks KL, I'll pass the info on as I have no idea about cabling of any kind :)

      Mick's friend is a commercial electrician who data-cables large fitouts and the builder and site supervisor are aware (and will possibly be present...). Mick is also in IT and, I think, data-cabled a mate's house...perhaps some dodgy credentials for a professional company, but I think for ammatuers they're a crack team :) *fingers crossed*

    2. Oh and there is an electrical plan for the data points which I will ensure gets supplied to the builder. Phew!

      Thanks again :)

    3. Agreed! We had a separate company do our data and tv points, and they made no map of where they were. So when they then sent back a completely different guy to do the fit off-and they also took too long to arrive meaning the tiler kicked them out and then the floor markings were covered. Luckily Daniel knew exactly where they were and we also had taken photos and video footage of each room before the plaster went up and covered it all.

      Looking absolutely fantastic Ash!

    4. Thanks laurenb! I will def make sure to tell Mick to take extra care with labelling cord placement.