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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Expletive alert!

You know, we want to like Rawson, we do…but they just don’t make it easy. We’re submitting some further plan changes (hopefully what should be the last set) and we’re told that we have until July 11 to have Developer and Council approval otherwise Rawson will re-price our Tender (Gee, I wonder if they’ll knock money off the price *rolls eyes*). There is no way we can have this done from either a time or money perspective. Time-wise we’re looking at 2weeks for Landcom/Stocklands and 6weeks for Council. Then there’s the $450 drafting fee and three-week waiting period for Rawson to re-draft the plans, $7,000 fee for Rawson to prepare Council submission and an extra $3.5k to pay council (they neglected to tell us that little gem).
In the meantime, Rawson still refuse to tell us for certain if our roof meets guidelines and are saying that we can have the tender extended…for a fee and if we’re “good” and don’t change too much or take too long to amend plans (I have done some intense para-phrasing there but the intent is clear).
On top if it when we express that our “fixed-price-all-inclusive-luxury-home” is anything-but and threaten to cancel the build, they seem glad that we will cause them less work and hassle. Guess they must be making too much money.
Anyway, Mick and I are now faced with another uphill battle. Way to ruin what should be an exciting time, F*ck you very much Rawson.

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