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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where to from here?

So, the million dollar question…where to from here?
Rawson have been nothing short of difficult and rude, which wouldn’t even be too bad if they would design a house we love for the price it’s worth. So, we will be giving them the chop, we’re just a little hesitant to send the email we currently have drafted. I think we may be pondering on that one for a while yet.
Whilst we are still reeling from the unpleasantness of it all and would like nothing more than to wash our hands of it and start again, I know from a logical point of view that building a house on this block is better for the bottom line. It will be easier and net a little profit (depending on the cost and what we build) to sell the land with a house on it. It is also no hardship to live in it for a few years to net a nice profit and look at building a single story home somewhere else down the track.
In the meantime, I believe I mentioned that we have fallen in love with a particular single story home..? That building company actually offers a “made-to-measure” service and has (so far) been quite keen for the business, even offering for the CEO himself to meet us out of area. So we are exploring the possibility of building with them. We just need to double-check that we are allowed though *rolls eyes* as they are not one of the four “prescribed” builders for the estate. We are not interested in using one of those builders however as one is Rawson, another is building the house next door and has been difficult to deal with, the third never got back to an enquiry I made, and we can’t remember the fourth one..!
So, I’ve sent through an idea of what we want to build to the new builder at their request, and am waiting for them to get back to me about a time to meet up and discuss the options.
On the home-front, Mick’s unit needs all the carpet and shower replaced. At the same time we will re-vamp the bathroom (it is quite old) and kitchen tiles then be ready (and happy) to sell it.
*Fingers crossed* we might be on a winner, though the end is not in sight yet…and no promises Mick doesn’t torch the land given the stress it has caused added to the stress of the unit flooding and his stressful job. I guess we can’t say it’s been uneventful!

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