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Monday, September 19, 2011

Bricks, Tiles and Harleys

Mick and I had a very busy weekend choosing tiles for the unit and bricks and roof tiles for the new house. We also had a colour consultation for our external choices last night and it went well. It’s always nice to be reassured of your choices and have other options presented. I’ve sent away for a photographic image of our fa├žade to be drawn up. I’ll keep you posted…

Mick and I looked at a lot of bricks on the weekend (and our pale skin did not enjoy the sun, though it was great for seeing the colours) and took home a lot of samples…I guess that’s our letterbox sorted!...and we absolutely fell in love with a Boral brick called Rose Cove. It’s a swirl of rose and cream and looks lovely in any light, from any angle, and isn’t at all boring (we also need to consider the monotony of the back and sides of the house which don’t have render feature columns to jazz it up). I’ve included a couple of pics below, but they don’t do the bricks justice. Oh, and we forgot to look at driveway colours, so we’ll be doing that this weekend.

 Rose Cove
 Rose Cove
 Our roof tile is the one in the middle called Barramundi
 Rose Cove is in the middle there
 The awesome Harley at the servo we stopped at (couldn't help myself, I had to include it)
The floor and wall tiles for the bathroom and W/C in Mick's unit (gloss white for the walls and matt black for the floor - neutral and stylish, perfect for re-sale)

We’re also waiting on landscaping plans and quotes and we hope to have everything ready to go for Developer and Council submission next week. We also hope to have the tiling started in the unit next week but Strata is taking forever to decide on a tradesman!

And as always we’re still finalising the plans. We’ve asked for the central pillar in the alfresco area to be removed (the steel beam required for that is expensive, but I think we would regret it if we didn’t do it), the four stacker door to be replaced with a six-stacker door (bi-folds are too expensive) and a few other niggly changes. Luckily Fairmont seem to be reasonable with their prices and I like that they can justify everything and if something isn’t a big change (i.e. slightly bigger window means more glass but less bricks), they don’t charge.  Makes a change from Rawson who I’m sure couldn’t lie straight in bed!

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  1. Great colour selections. Hope it all goes well.