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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Drafting Fees Paid

Well, illness has struck and we were unable to sign on the dotted line with Fairmont yesterday. We have however paid them their drafting fees and apparently they had some drawings ready for us on the weekend. Never mind, we will head out there next weekend to "seal the deal."

In the meantime, Fairmont have continued to be great to deal with. We've been quite fussy, even changing the way some doors open and changing the doors in the Powder Room to cavity sliders. We've also asked for a waterfall edge on the Alfresco-side of the kitchen island (it is important to achieving a 'clean' look in the kitchen). I know there will be more changes when it comes time for full colour and kitchen selection, but hopefully we now have all of the structural changes made.

Just to keep the fun rolling, here are links to, and pictures of, the Smeg appliances we're getting:


PSA906 90cm Classic Gas Low Profile Cooktop

We couldn't justify the price of an induction cooktop and gas is cheaper to run than traditional electric cooktops and provides more even cooking with greater temperature control. The main issue I have with gas (from when my parents used to have a Smeg gas cooktop) is the cleaning. This unit however is shallow and the trivets are in three 'low profile' pieces that are dishwasher-safe, as are the ceramic tiles. So, cleaning will be much easier than it used to be. This unit also looks really beautiful and had the most 'user-friendly' design with the burner placement. I like that I can comfortably fit three large pots on at the same time. The only down-side is that the knobs are forward-facing (bit of an issue with kiddies), but we don't have children and if that changes, the kitchen isn't a safe place anyway and will need to be 'cordoned-off.' (That takes me back to the partitions we needed for my curious little brother when I was growing up...A stern warning was enough for me to stay away)!


K9399R 90cm Wallmount Rangehood with Brown Crystal Glass

This rangehood is odd-looking but when up (and when coupled with a french-glass oven) it looks like a piece of art. It's also really functional with a strong action and filter-change reminders. I think it's the most expensive appliance we've ordered but it's beautiful and practical. 


My favourite piece. It is their top-of-the-line oven so it has all of the bells and whistles (Mick was instantly drawn to it!). The electronic display alone is gorgeous but the french-glass look of the unit as a whole is beautiful and it's self-cleaning! Smeg provides complimentary courses in getting the most from your Smeg appliances, which we will be doing because this oven looks like it might require a degree in rocket-science to use to its best. All part of the fun!

External colours are our next priority...I'll keep you posted!

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