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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More Kitchen Decisions Made

Mick and I braved the 40 degree heat today and went for a trek to the Smeg showroom in Banksmeadow, as it is the only place that has our rangehood on display. We just wanted to make sure that it's the right height, scale and look for our kitchen as it would be a very expensive mistake! We are very pleased to say that it looks beautiful! Here are some pics:

The gentleman there, who happens to be related to a work colleague of mine (small world!), was very helpful (long before we discovered the connection) and showed us all of our appliances and took us through how to use them. He also showed us their new range of beautiful (and big!) sinks. Aside from the fact that we already have our sink, they are a little too expensive for our liking, though they look beautiful and are very functional.

We also need to pick a dishwasher so we wanted to check out Smeg's range. Mick has decided on the semi-integrated DWAI152XT. It is one of the most energy and water efficient machines on the market (Mick was sold), it holds 15 place settings and looks beautiful (so I was sold!).

Seeing as we were in the neighbourhood, we also stopped by the Caesarstone showroom at Alexandria. I was so excited and already had an idea of what I was looking for. Our favourites in the showroom were, Nougat, White Shimmer, Free Spirit and Buttermilk, though there were so many beautiful options. The clear winner for us though is White Shimmer. We love that it's white with a hint of speckle (to help disguise mess/steaks) and the 'sparkle' through it from fine mirror chips is gorgeous. I couldn't take my eyes off it! I loved watching the glinting specks 'dance' as I moved around the room. With the sky-lights, downlights and pendant lights in the new house, I'm hoping that the benchtop and splashback will always be a little 'glittery'  and subtly change through the course of the day.

It's impossible to properly convey the glittery effect in a photo, but here is a pic of Caesarstone White Shimmer:


  1. That rangehood is very impressive! I have white shimmer in the kitchen and LOVE it. Good taste there:)

  2. I also have white shimmer in my kitchen and ensuite and I love the sparkles. Good choice. The kids and downstairs powder room have Night Sky caesarstone.... for the same reason :)

  3. I's so good to hear that White Shimmer is a hit. Great minds think alike!

    How do you both find the cleaning/maintenance so far..?