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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Kitchen!

Ok, it has been a long time in the making but here are our finalised kitchen plans:

Note: The 3D image on the second page denotes a lower oven position and different drawer configuration below it. This was one of the changes we had fixed, but alas the pic wasn't updated. We will just note that it is incorrect in that image for purposes of sign-off. The rest of the plans show the right configuration.

Colour and appliance selections:

Benchtop: 40mm Caesarstone White Shimmer
Splashback: Caesarstone White Shimmer

Cupboards: Polytec Sheen Classic White (Yes, there is actually a picture underneath this text!)

Hmmmmm, maybe this pic is a better example:

Under-bench cupboard handles: Recessed aluminium

Pantry and microwave cupboard handles:

Microwave cupboard door: Aventos lift system

Pendant lights above the island:

Floor: Spotted Gum timber floor boards


Tap: Phoenix Vivid Sink Mixer 220mm Gooseneck

Oven: SMEG SAP112-8

Cooktop: SMEG PSA906 GAS

Rangehood: SMEG K9399R


Fridge: LG GR-L219CSL

A lot of planning has gone into this kitchen and how we will use/enjoy the space. Here is an overview of some of our choices:

- There are a lot of drawers as they are the best use of space and are easier for lifting things out of
- The recessed aluminium handles are easy on our hands and look great
- The oven and microwave positions are high
- We couldn't justify the price and inconvenience of an integrated microwave (the fascia's cost more than the appliance and aren't universal!) but we wanted a seamless look without having the microwave low-down i.e. hidden in the island. So, we decided on a microwave cupboard which allows us to save money, by using our old microwave, without compromising the look of the kitchen. We also opted for a commercial-grade door on the cupboard so that it can be larger and keep symmetry, as well as have an extra shelf for microwave covers/containers etc.
- We wanted our splashback to be Caesarstone like the bench-tops however Caesarstone is 20mm thick (glass is 6mm), so we've extended the cooktop wall by 3cm (maximum we can go without having to start doing expensive things like change cupboard depths).
- Wine rack next to fridge. Always handy.
- We will install our own bin after hand-over as well as this pantry system:

- A lot of time was spent agonising over the cupboard material and finish i.e. gloss vs sheen vs matt and createc vs melamine vs vinyl vs polyurethane. In the end we decided on a compromise and went with Polytec Sheen. This was for a number of reasons. We decided on the melamine because it appears to be the most hard-wearing (based on opinions gathered from the web as well as from our kitchen designer) and Sheen (which is like a semi-gloss) because it has the easy-wipe 'cleanability' of gloss without the huge price-tag. Also, hopefully it won't show as many finger prints as the high gloss, nor should it blind us considering the two skylights that will be angled towards our kitchen!
- And, my most favourite thing in the kitchen...the bookshelf! The perfect segue into the Study and a great way to store my myriad of cookbooks and Donna Hay magazines!!!!!! (Can you tell I'm excited?)

*Sigh* Now if only I could click my fingers and our kitchen would materialise...


  1. Love all your selections and thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Yes, I recognised the wallpaper! It's by FERM LIVING (Australian; Yay!) Link below:
    I loved it too; it's on my short list for a feature wall one day!
    x KL

    1. Thanks KL :)

      And that wallpaper has been squirreled away to the mood boards in my mind, or the "Imaginarium" as Mick calls it (where I see our future house in 3D).

      Happy Easter!


  2. Great job on what you've chosen Ash - it will look fantastic! The white gloss cupboards will look fantastic against the timber flooring and those pendants are gorgeous :) xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

    1. Thanks Anna :) We've worked hard on it and I think it'll look beautiful when finished (it's not easy making decisions without so much as a slab!). Now we just need council to hurry up...

  3. Hello, can you please let me know where you got this Under-bench cupboard handles from? I am desperately searching for something like that :)

    1. Hello Nick. I am so sorry that I missed your comment. The handles were an option through the kitchen company, Styline Kitchens. But I think you can buy something similar through Bunnings/Masters... Cheers, Ash.

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  5. Hi

    I am trying to decide on cabinet finishes. 2 pac Sheen would be my preffered but too expensive I think.

    So in the Polytek Melamine range its either Melamine vs Evolution range (Createc). Ignoring the Sheen vs High Gloss aspect, edging wise, do you find the Melamine boards have too obvious an edge?

    see here

    The Createc Laser edge (not CNC) cut seems superior and provides a more painted look but its above $3000 more.

    Here however is a image

    edging done by standard hot glue edgebander, panels machined with CNC that doesnt look too bad.

    Overall interesting thread on this here

    How do you feel your cabinet finishes came up edge wise? do you have any opinions on this from when you made your decision?

    1. Apologies for the late reply. When I inspect our cupboard VERY closely, I can see there is an edge. I wouldn't call it obvious, especially not when looking at the kitchen as a whole. In fact, even when specifically looking for an edge, I can only see it when close-up. I personally wouldn't spend $3k on a different edge, but then there are some things I would pay to upgrade when others wouldn't, so it's a personal choice. Good luck!