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Monday, April 16, 2012

Bathroom Selections and Mood Boards

So...we're still waiting for Council, and in the vain hope that one day our house might actually get built, we have made the following bathroom selections, complete with mood boards and layouts:

Powder Room

Vanity: Posh Dominique rectangle recessed 900mm vanity unit with standard cabinet and legs
Basin mixer: Phoenix Ivy basin mixer (YV770 CHR)
Shower mixer: Phoenix Ivy shower mixer (YV780 CHR)
Shower head: Phoenix Sonata H/Shw on 720mm rail (685 CHR)
Shower shelf: Phoenix Vivid Glass Shelf (VA896 CHR)
Towel rail: Phoenix Gen Y 900mm Double Towel Rail (GY812 CHR)
Toilet roll holder: Phoenix Gen Y Toilet Roll Holder (GY892 CHR)

Main Bathroom

Vanity: ADP Desire vanity wall hung 1200mm
Basin mixer: Phoenix Ivy basin mixer (YV770 CHR)
Hand Towel Rail: Phoenix Gen Y Guest Towel Rail (GY893 CHR)
Shower mixer: Phoenix Ivy shower mixer (YV780 CHR)
Shower head: Phoenix Sonata H/Shw on 720mm rail (685 CHR)
Bath mixer: Phoenix Ivy wall mixer (YV780 CHR)
Bath tap: Argent 900185 spout large
Towel rail (x2): Phoenix Gen Y 900mm Double Towel Rail (GY812 CHR)
Toilet roll holder: Phoenix Gen Y Toilet Roll Holder (GY892 CHR)

Here are some photos (apologies that the sources are long forgotten) of bathrooms tiled in the sort of tile we want for the Powder Room, Laundry and Main Bathroom:

We'll have floor-to-ceiling tiling (as in these photos) for the Main Bathroom and skirting for the Powder Room and Laundry.


Vanity: Cartia HNPV1200 black
Basin mixer: Phoenix Ivy basin mixer (YV770 CHR)
Shower mixer (x2): Phoenix Ivy shower mixer (YV780 CHR)
Shower O’Head Arm: Phoenix 300mm Lexi Q (LQ544 CHR)
Shower O’Head Rose: Phoenix 350mm Square (SH002 CHR)
Shower Rail: Phoenix Kubus Hand Shower (KU680 CHR)
Towel rail: MILLI Cube Heated Towel Rail (1025Hx800w)
Robe hook (x2): Phoenix Vivid Robe Hook (VA897 CHR)
Toilet roll holder: Phoenix Gen Y Toilet Roll Holder (GY892 CHR)
Spare toilet roll holder: Phoenix Gen Y Spare Toilet Roll Holder (GY898 CHR)
ToiletValero Short Projection Wall Faced Toilet Suite

The mosaic will be used on the entire shower wall opposite the door. It should make a glorious, shimmery feature. The rest of the walls will be floor-to-ceiling white gloss tile and the floor and shower bench will be in a matt black tile. We hope to mirror the black and white colour scheme in the Master Bedroom.

An interesting thing to note is that we've opted for a single-bowl, 1200mm vanity in order to have a larger, heated towel rail...We hope this doesn't effect re-sale, but really the only time you need two sinks is if you want to brush your teeth at the same time.


Sink mixer: Phoenix Vivid Sink Mixer 220mm Gooseneck (VL733 CHR)


Sink mixer: Phoenix Vivid Wall Mixer (V780 CHR)
Sink spout: Phoenix Vivid Pin Lever Wall Sink Outlet (VP703 CHR)
Hand towel rail: Phoenix Gen Y Guest Towel Holder (GY893 CHR)

The laundry mood board is a work in progress. I have it in my head though, so stay tuned!

Any thoughts/comments on our selections are always welcome. Goodness knows we need something to distract from the tedious wait for Council!


  1. I love your floor plans, I've always dreamed of building my own house! But for now, I will just have to settle for the shoebox I live in :)

    1. Thanks Brittany! Building is fun...and tough. Waiting four months for Council approval is killing us plus the costs are a bit scary. But it is an exciting time.

      Hang in there though, cos if someone had told me a couple of years ago that I would be part of building a house, I never would have believed them. Life is funny like that. Ash :)

  2. Hi..

    Love your Blog, really appreciate the work you've put into it.

    Did you end up using the box-thingy in the laundry for the washing machine taps / drain ?

    If so, where did you get it, and any tips that I need to know ?



    1. I'm so sorry I missed your comment Steve. We did get the drain box for the laundry and it's great. Unfortunately I have no idea where our builder got it from, though I know it was difficult for them to find. The only downside is that we need adaptors for our washing machine's hoses to fit the taps. But they were cheap enough and available at a local washing machine supply store.


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