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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Piers, Piers and More Piers

We stopped by the block last night to check out our new piers. They're almost all done (there were more than I thought!).

Just a note to anyone about to build on a small block: soil removal is usually an extra charge (check your tender carefully. It will probably be under 'site costs') because, usually, it is avoidable - they can either build up some of the block or spread it over the yard. But, when you have a small block-to-house ratio (like us), the soil will likely need to be removed as there isn't much "yard." At the moment we're looking at about $900, but we'll let you know.

Also, our relations with our neighbours have hit an all-time low. I won't go into any further detail at this time, but it never ceases to amaze me the level of drama people seem to like to create in their lives.

Anyhoo, we'll update with photos as soon as we can get to the block while the sun's out!


  1. Yay! Piers! We got our piers finally too. Little bit exciting hey!

    Have you considered one of those fill removal websites? such as You can advertise and anyone looking for fill can come and take it for free, though it might be a difficult time to do it with site works going on and all. Lucky for us we are wanting all the fill we can get, but I totally get why you would want it gone.

    It's so upsetting to have neighbourly issues when you haven't even moved in yet, I can really relate to that right now!! I hope you don't let it impact you too much, this is meant to be a really exciting and happy time.

    Excited to see more pics soon!


  2. Woohoo! We're off and running. I hope the rain stays away so we can both have slab parties soon.

    We ended up just asking the machine operators to take the soil away. Fairmont will send us the bill soon... :-S If we had known ahead of time (or weren't in a hurry), we would have looked at that website. It's a great idea.

    As for the neighbours...I just hope things settle down soon, though I doubt they will. Hmmm...maybe they'll move?