Share our trials and tribulations as we build our new home - a custom Dominico by Fairmont Homes NSW

Friday, May 31, 2013


We powered through our thirteen page checklist during our PCI today and spotted some issues, but all still seems on track for hand-over Wednesday. Here are some pics:

Kitchen appliances will be installed at hand-over to minimise risk of theft (I probably should have moved Mick's jacket...)

I LOVE my bookshelf

Fridge space, wine rack and pantry

Our microwave space, complete with shelf

Powder room

Feature niche in hallway

The wider step is much more usable (raised platform to be carpeted)

Ensuite toilet

Our shiny ensuite

Ta da! Like our TV room feature wall colour? Worth the effort we feel.

TV room window

View of our master bedroom from the TV room

Main bathroom - glad we chromed the waste pipe

Bath, niche and skylight
View from the bath (yep, I hopped in!). How's the serenity...

Our fancy tap

Main bathroom

Towel rails in main bathroom

View from Bed 3

Some galahs monkeying around out the front . Good to know our cockatiels will have company during the day.

We have to compile our list of defects, pass it on to the builder and hope for keys next week!


  1. It's all so pretty!! From the top: I love how your kitchen has turned out. I think the all white look is amazing. The bookshelf on that end, as well as the wine rack are such a great addition. Powder room looks very stylish indeed! Can see what you mean with the bigger step in the media room, well worth the fuss of changing it for sure. Love the ensuite selections, especially the sparkly tile in the shower, argh, The Block eat your heart out!

    Fantastic views from the tv room! Love your wide doorways to the bedroom, brilliant! Makes it seem luxurious.

    Chrome waste pipe was a very good idea. Looks great and won't draw attention at all. The bath tub, niche in the wall and the sky light really make it very special.

    It's all fabulous Ash and Mick! Well done and some amazing selections and ideas there!

    1. Thanks Lauren :) We've had some tough moments, but we're pretty happy. Can't wait to get keys.

      How are you finding your place? Tell us about "life after keys." Haha!

    2. It will all be worth it once you've got the keys in your hands. Haha I should do a life after keys post hey! Just doesn't feel like much exciting stuff has happened since then other than mowing, mowing, mowing. But I cannot believe it's been about 8 months since we moved in- this time has absolutely flown by!

    3. It sounds like you need to invest in a goat. No more mowing! Haha :)

      I love your "post-keys post." :)