Share our trials and tribulations as we build our new home - a custom Dominico by Fairmont Homes NSW

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

We're in!

As I'm sure you all know, moving is no easy task! Our move was especially complicated as our timber floors weren't ready for shoes (trying to explain to removalists that they can’t walk beyond the protective matting was impossible! I hope the scuff marks come out…), and we have no storage other than the vanities and kitchen. Our solution…move everything in to the garage! We are far from settled, however despite the chaos, we do have some pretty photos to show:

Our kitchen! - We hope to purchase some bar stools this weekend

The kitchen - waiting on blinds to be installed

Kitchen - We will eventually buy a nice, big stainless steel fridge (that's an expense for after the wedding!)

The media room - still needs blinds and a rug (and the projector!). This is also a sneak peak of our carpet. I will post more photos of it later.

Our dining room table and chairs (recently purchased from Ikea) - still waiting on feature cabinetry in-between the pylons, as well as blinds and a bar, which we will be (eventually) having installed in the niche behind the table. The table is extendable, though we only have six chairs at the moment.

When we have a bit more time (and hopefully some proper internet) I will post more photos.

The house still has some issues, but Fairmont are working through fixing them and overall we’re loving the house and location.

Still to go:

-       Our blinds have been ordered and will go up in a few weeks.
-       Mick’s father will be installing our laundry cabinetry (if it arrives in time) next week and helping Mick get started on the hard landscaping
-       We had the house measured for security screens and fly screens today and are awaiting the quote
-       Mick’s friend is finishing off the data-cabling and is bringing another friend (they are all data electricians) to install our TV antenna and hook up our projector this Sunday
- Unpacking, unpacking and more unpacking! (oh, and have I mentioned the washing that comes with unpacking..? *sigh*) 


  1. Yay! Congratulations!!! We've been in our place just going on a year now and we've still got unpacked boxes in the garage! Take your time, or you'll put us to shame! Enjoy your decorating!

    1. Thanks Nat! Yes, I'm sure we'll still have unpacked boxes in a year's time. At the moment unpacking has stalled anyway while we wait for wardrobes, a linen press and laundry. But we're glad to be in :)

  2. Yay! Well this made me happy to read! Moving is a bitch, but hopefully you won't have to make any more big moves or quite a while. YAY!!! 8 months later and we still have spare rooms full of stuff we haven't unpacked, I even have a big bag of clothes left to unpack.

    1. Good to know we're not alone then! Life just gets in the way of unpacking haha.

  3. Hi Mick and Ash,

    Congratulations on the outstanding house.

    I happen to stumble on your blog from researching on Fairmont Homes.

    We have a smaller block (443sqm) than most people and trying to maxmise our floorspace according to council/CDC requirements. We also want a large void above the family area to create open space and add light to the living areas.

    We've been through many project builders. Very few are keen to accommodate for our needs and blocksize. Those that are keen charge ridiculously high for layout changes/upgrades.

    We have decided to do a custom build and Fairmont is a potential builder we are looking to engage.

    Thank you for sharing this blog. It's provided valuable insight into the building experience with Fairmont. We are waiting for a quote back from Fairmont and hoping it to be positive.


    1. Hi Quang,

      I'm so glad you found our blog helpful and congratulations on the new build! There are some exciting, and trying, times ahead. But it will be worth it in the end I promise :)

      I would definitely recommend building with Fairmont. They are the most flexible and reasonable project home builder we've come across and, if/when we build again, we would do it with them. It will still be challenging though, and make sure you keep them on their toes!

      Lots of luck and be sure to provide a link to your blog if you decide to keep one! Your ideas sound amazing. Hold true to your gut instincts!


  4. Hi

    What is the colour of the walls in your kitchen? is it Dulux Tuft?

    1. Hi Jack,

      It's a Wattyl Colour (Natural Angora) mixed as Dulux Wash and Wear (our builder used Wattyl when we chose our colours, then later changed to Dulux). More of our internal colour selections can be found here: