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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sneak Peak at the Timber Floors

Mick and I spent Sunday preparing our house for the timber floors being finished Monday and Tuesday. Mick put up a black plastic barrier between the upstairs and downstairs while I swept the entire downstairs. We also covered the oven and range hood with black plastic. The aim: to try to stop the onslaught of red dust that will come from the sanding. Whether we were successful or not, we won't know until tomorrow night when we can walk in socks on our floor. 

Plastic barrier to the upstairs.
Plastic on our appliances.

The preparation we feel will be worth it (not to mention the expense) as our floors look MAGNIFICENT!!! They aren't the best pics, but here are some sneak peaks:


View into formal living room from the garage.
And the maple step has come up beautifully!

I am seriously in love with our floor. It is beautiful and rustic (a lovely juxtaposition to the more contemporary elements in our home). Even though I am now unwell (thanks Mick), I don't care and have even been happy to brave the cold just to be around our floors. Silly I know!

Still to come: The carpet goes down Friday, the removalists turn up 7am Saturday and I'm meeting Tracey, our Kresta rep, Sat morning for a final measure and quote on our blinds. I will also be double-checking my blind colour choices, especially now the flooring will be done - I've already decided to tone-down the choices for the formal living rooms and kitchen/meals so as not to compete with the very strong floor.

The count down to move in day has begun!


  1. Yay, it's really all yours now. The floors have come up beautifully. They look very 'real' if you know what I mean. I've seen a lot of floor boards that end up with a bit of a fake look (maybe they are fake?), but yours are amazing. It'll be moving day before you know it. 7am is nice and early! I think it's worth going early like that, leaves a lot more time for you to get the basics set up.

    1. Thanks Lauren :) You're right about the boards. You know, it surprised Mick and I to learn when choosing ours that people actually pay EXTRA to have boards that have little variation, are secret nailed (so you don't see the nails), and they have the holes filled. People also often choose a high gloss finish and buy narrow board (cos they're cheaper than wide boards). In the end, I think you might as well buy laminate. It's cheaper and more durable. Mick and I paid less for boards with imperfections and variations and more for wider boards. We also opted for visible nails (cheaper than a secret nailed finish) and a semi-gloss finish (scratches are less visible). So our floors look like real timber and we love them! Oh yeah :)

      Can't wait for move-in day :) (you know, except the part that involves hard work lol!).

    2. Plus our boards are solid timber as opposed to floating boards with a timber veneer. I think that could also be something that makes a difference. Engineered floors can still look great though. We did consider getting one. But they're not quite the same. A great alternative though is bamboo. It's really inexpensive, super durable and looks great.

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    1. Thanks B :) I'm hoping I can get some good pics on the weekend when we'll be home when the sun is out (gosh winter can be depressing). Mind you, the place still looks like a war zone as Mick and I haven't been able to take time off to unpack so its slow going. Good times lol!