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Monday, February 28, 2011

Settlement Looming

As of 5pm tomorrow Mick will officially own the land!!!!!!!!!

We'll be driving past this evening just to make sure nothing untoward has happened to the land since the last time we went past (i.e. that no one has dumped rubbish or a big pile of dirt etc on it).

Also, the colour selection folder from Rawson turned up (can't wait to have a squiz!) and Mick has nearly finalised the fiddly details mentioned before like extra ceiling height (which Mick is getting). Rawson thankfully have been very helpful today and it looks as though everything will be right to go to the draftsmen. Then when we get the first set of drawings, we will select the external colours (subject to where there is brick and render etc) and Mick will need to pay another large amount of money for council submission.

The last set of plans I mocked-up and had Mick email through are below:

We have a few windows to play with (this plan has three less than the original), and Mick is contemplating putting one in the back-left corner of the garage and I'm considering one extra in the study and formal lounge...those decisions can happen later when we ask for extra power points etc. At the moment we are considering the following little add-ins:

- 4 extra external light points
- 2 extra TV points
- Translucent windows for bathrooms (and garage if we have a window there)
- (knowing Mick) extra power points

Then of course, kitchen details are the most important of all!

In the meantime, Mick's living room is full of removalist boxes as we contemplate packing, and tomorrow I will start uploading things for sale on EBay.

Another big thanks to Mick's Dad who has helped with some last-minute fixes to Mick's unit as we continue the slow process of getting it ready for sale (and of course I need to mention Mick's mum and I who kept the men-folk fed and watered!). With a bit more handy-work and excess stuff moved out, Mick can put his unit on the market!

Out with the old and in with the new!

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