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Monday, February 14, 2011

The story so far...

The story so far is that Mick has purchased land (due to settle within next two weeks) and will accept the Builder's tender this Saturday. It's been a bit of a process as the land is considered a "premium" block and therefore is subject to strange contractual inclusions, but for now they're, onto important things: Link

Link to the house we want to build   (Metro Facade with MK II floor plan)

Our proposed plans:

(Like my SnagIT work on this design? I have noticed one error though...I need to put a pic of a motorbike where the second car is placed in the garage...hmmm...will have to rectify!)

It should be noted that the main changes we've made are to the kitchen (thanks to Mick's Dad for some gems of wisdom there), opening up the informal living space by moving the alfresco area, and swapping the upstairs lounge with Bed 2. We've made the swap upstairs because the land looks onto a golf course and we want to maximise the views for the living space. We've also asked for a recessed, sliding door between the kitchen and stairs to allow the front and rear of the house to be divided (especially great when one person is watching something loudly in one area and the other person doesn't want to be disturbed...and have to move upstairs!)

Rawson have been great so far, really helping us out (not just with the plans but with getting a survey done quickly with little notice, giving us info about the area etc etc). They've mocked up a rough scaled drawing of how the house will fit on the block (can't seem to attach that at this point in time) and it's perfect. Especially good to hear seeing as we originally wanted to build their single-story house design (Pembroke) but can't due to size restrictions of the land. We've fallen in love with this house though and can't wait for the build to begin. Between now and then however, Mick needs to pack up and sell his <insert sarcasm here>!


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