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Saturday, February 19, 2011


We drove past the block yesterday and were very excited to see a big yellow sold sticker on the sign!

Our neighbours have also progressed a lot with their build, not a couple of weeks ago they only had a slab and now they have both stories framed and some windows!

Our own build process is coming along now, Mick signed the Tender and paid a fee to Rawson as well as signing some docs for the conveyancor. Luckily there's not much of an extra cost involved in the changes we've requested to the plans. Mostly the extras to the contract are just the addition of the cavity sliding door between the kitchen and stairs, the sliding door in the laundry (will save space and let more light in) and the corner pantry and extra kitchen cupboards. We've also asked for a larger front door, floor to ceiling tiling in the bathrooms and higher ceilings downstairs.

For the next step Rawson will send the interim plans to the draftsmen who will draw up final plans and Mick will be contacted next week to start the colour selection process (specifically for the external colours) so that final plans can be submitted to council. How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also took a photo of the view accross the road to post (sorry for the car windshield in the way!):

This is the main reason we picked the house design and facade we did, and why we've asked for the upstairs lounge to be at the front.

Now we're off to pick up boxes to begin packing up Mick's unit, and then we're off to Bunnings to pick up some paint chips and price some bits and bobs. All part of the fun!

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