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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Colour Selection Update

Mick has paid for a new temporary fence for the block while we wait for check plans and slowly work our way through colour selection.
We won’t be able to choose things like brick colour until we know how much of the façade will be rendered, which will be largely dependant on price. It’s a shame that the photos they show you of the different facades show render but render is not actually included in the Tender.  So our house may not look anything like the brochure. We’ll cross that bridge when we know price, though according to the estate guidelines, no more than 40% of the façade can be brick….will keep you posted!
In the meantime, we know roof colour (colourbond Woodland Grey) and that we want dark floorboards, with light carpet and the same main wall colour as they have in their single-story display home we visited (we took lots of pics on Sunday). Still working on feature wall colours (I hope to use some left-over paint from my house).  We’ve chosen the bathroom vanities and accessories (so much is not standard!) as well as doors. We’ve also had trouble finding where the standard single-towel rail will go in the downstairs bathroom. In the end we’ve decided that the 20cm’s either side of the doors is enough room to fit two robe hooks which can be used as towel hooks (we don’t envisage this shower being utilised much, but it’s nice to know there’s somewhere to hang towels if needed). Mick has also decided in his infinite wisdom that the downstairs and main bathrooms get the standard shower head (still pretty nice if you ask me) and the ensuite gets the awesome shower head…two thumbs up from me!
For the kitchen we have decided on the 900mm Baumatic electric upright oven with five-gas burner cooktop. It’s a beast! And the 900mm stainless steel range hood. The only issue we have with regards to the kitchen is the sink. I really want a big, deep sink (more like a laundry tub) because the main things I hand-wash are my large (and they are HUGE) lasagne dish and roasting pan as well as the electric frypan and wok. It’s been difficult though to find one that fits the spec as Mick and I would ideally also like it to have a draining tray. I think I may need to compromise on this one and go with the standard sink. One thing that is definite is that it must have a left drain board so the dishwasher is against the wall. This will keep the dishwasher, pantry and fridge doors nicely spaced.
A small victory though is that in the colour selection folder from Rawson, the list of standard electrical items are that all external doors have a light point where there are eaves and a junction box where there aren’t eaves. Considering we have six external doors (not including garage) and the tender only provides for three external light points, this is a win!
I’ve also noticed that when they move the laundry to above the downstairs bathroom, they will need to flip it so the plumbing of the toilet and shower share a wall with the washing machine and laundry tub and the bathroom door and laundry door are as wide apart as possible (just easier for furniture placement)…I’m sure they’ll think of that themselves…

Anyway, I’m hoping this weekend Mick and I can visit the showrooms for the kitchen and bathroom bench tops as we ideally need to see these in person to make a selection. So hopefully I will have more pics to upload! And if I can figure it out, I will upload video of the site as I have re-discovered my video camera…

Kitchen layout (pending Rawson kitchen professional's input):
Front door (pivot):
Internal doors (don't let the colour put you off):
Wall, carpet and floorboard colours we like:

Wall colour we like (it looks different in different lights):
Oven and cook top:
Range hood:
Double towel rail for ensuite and upstairs bathroom:
Hand towel rail:
Toilet roll holder:
Shelf for ensuite and upstairs showers:

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  1. Ash, have you considered niches instead of shelves for your showers?

    I could live without a lot of the "extras" in our house but a shower niche isn't one of them :)