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Monday, March 28, 2011

Colour Selection Update

We have submitted Check Plans and colours mentioned in previous blog to the Developer so they have granted us a six week extension to get final plans and colours to them. Still unsure about whether or not the roof conforms to guidelines but I choose to take their lack of objection as a confirmation of sorts… I will however remain dubious until I see final, written approval.
We have also submitted external colour selection to Rawson this arvo (which is slightly different to the colours chosen in the last post). Seeing as we are still unsure about whether or not to go ahead with the build we have submitted exactly what we want and will reserve final judgment pending the cost variation that will come from it.
One piece of good news is that our conveyancor has confirmed that Mick can get his bond back if we do on-sell the land (it’s always good to have options). The things to consider however are that the block is in the best location and we love the house design. The block is in the best street of the estate, has wonderful views and is close to public transport, hospitals, restaurants and shops. What we do need to take into account is that Mick doesn’t over-capitalise or overstretch his budget. There’s nothing worse than struggling to repay a mortgage (having done that myself for years…thank you very much Reserve Bank!) or limiting your options because you can’t sell without taking a big loss. Spending lots of money on building your dream house is only practical if you are confident you can get the money back in re-sale relatively quickly, or if you have more cents than sense!
Anyway, tonight Mick and I will go over the design one more time and mark-up any structural changes we want for final plans to be drawn up. Then, it’s decision time…
This is our facade and we have kept the colour palette and finish very similar:

Check plans marking external colours and finishes:

Main facade colours from Taubmans range...Mick most liked their names:

Good old faithful Colourbond roof colour:
 Colour bond and Taubmans colour for guttering, window/door/flyscreen frames, cladding and balustrading:
 We had a choice of grey, grey or light yellow for driveway colours so we went with...grey! This is a cool colour that will be in-keeping with the facade pallette...I also thought it was similar to the roof and together they would frame our, I sound very designer-like!
 These bricks will only be seen from the rear and sides of the house but they really did look great when we saw them last weekend and I think they will complement our colour choices and go well with the garden:

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