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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rawson Homes Suck

Ok, where do I begin…
After some thorough investigating, it has become apparent that the standard appliances are HORRIBLE and as Mick put it, “Not going anywhere near our kitchen.” So, we visited Winning Appliances and fell in love with Smeg. We’re still not 100% certain on what we will choose, but they are looking good and the ones we like can be viewed on the following links:
...And everything was happy until we got the Check Plans…Here are the issues:
-          Air-con provided is not the powerful, inverter valued at $13.9k as promised, but a lesser model valued at $8k
-          No A/C ducting provision for upstairs except where the downstairs ducts run through to the roof and take away space in two of the built-in robes
-          The water tank is 500L smaller than intended (at least this one they are giving us money back for)
-          The front door is 50cm smaller than intended
-          The cavity-sliding door requested doesn’t recess into a wall but instead takes up half the hallway
-          The kitchen is smaller than thought (this one is my fault for not reading the plans properly) and so the sink can’t fit where we want it
-          Render as displayed in the brochure is not included and our ever-helpful <insert sarcasm here> Rawson consultant doesn't know what the "selected brick with 15mm raked feature joints every 9th course" is that has been listed on the check plans. But she is certain that it is not the render as displayed in the brochure "for illustration purposes only"
-          Ground floor tiling only extends a few meters into the entry-way
-          The A/C exchange unit is taking up valuable lawn space
-          Windows have been taken out and no compensation given
The list goes on.
Needless to say, Mick and I are very disappointed in Rawson and are feeling cheated. Especially with regards to the A/C. This is not a cheap house we’re building and if we keep having to pay extras for things, it’ll get ridiculous. We’re more than happy to pay extra for things like Smeg appliances and timber floor-boards but no a/c ducting to second story? That’s not on. Mick has emailed Rawson and they have said that they will get back to us either today or tomorrow. However Mick is at the point now where he’s considering moving to another builder or just selling the land.
UPDATE: Mick just called Rawson as he is sick of waiting and has been told the following…
“The AirCon stays as-is, and does both floors even though it isn’t marked on the plan. She says the $13,900 price is because that includes the installation. I asked for a quote to upgrade to the inverter model.
I just called WestAir ( and the prices on their site are FITTED. Not just for the pieces.”
Mick will be sending an email to Rawson with the cheaper install quote and suggest they change supplier.
AND the latest update is that Rawson are now going to the Estate Developer as they are not sure our house conforms to the estate guidelines...something I have been hassling them about for months!
So, it’s not looking good. A word of caution to anyone building a home, DO NOT BELIEVE THE BUILDER IF THEY SAY THEIR TENDER IS “ALL-INCLUSIVE” and NEVER take them at face value, no matter how sincere the salesmen seem.
But we will trudge on for now, so Saturday we will visit an Austral Bricks display centre. Hopefully things will be resolved by then *fingers crossed*


  1. Heck! Sorry to hear that you have so many problems! We also had to buy extra tiles and I hated the oven, so we paid more for a won't be sorry about that. The front door being 50cm smaller - that's a huge amount and I was thinking that it would be better to get the aircon installed after you move in...$13 grand is a lot to part with!

    Do hope you can get it all sorted out, it puts a damper on things. And my hubby wants to build again! No way! When we downsize, I want to find a place where nothings needs to be done!

    All the best.

  2. Thanks for that. I certainly don't blame you for not wanting to build again. The cons are by far outweighting the pros atm. The only good news is that it looks like it will "only" be an extra $2k for the air-con upgrade and the front door is 20cm smaller (slightly better than 50cm)!

  3. Replies
    1. Apologies for the late reply. We did end up building, with Fairmont Homes NSW. The rest of the blog documents that process. Cheers.