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Monday, June 13, 2011

Here's to round two!

If GJ Gardner are willing to build a Cosmo Home with Rawson influences then we’re ok with that.
We spoke to the gentleman at GJ Gardner on the weekend and looked through some of their designs and showed them one we like by Cosmo (who have a terrible reputation in the area and never replied to my enquiry so do not get our business). Using the Cosmo design as a base, GJ Gardner seem genuinely passionate about building our house. Having said this, Mick and I are a little wiser than when we signed on the dotted line with Rawson. I’ve amended the floor plan to the specs we want and have included almost every last detail of what we ideally want. I want the tender to be as inclusive as possible before we sign ANYTHING.
In the meantime, we have had to ask Rawson for our FULL site survey as they only sent us a PDF of the block and not the soil testing that would have gone with it and the proper draftsman version. *Fingers crossed* they hand that over without a fight. We paid $750 for the survey and should own the rights to it but nothing is ever easy.
All-in-all we’re after a nice house within budget and a more enjoyable building experience with a company that wants our business.
The house we like from Cosmo is called Ecco 35 and can be viewed by clicking here.
Here’s our modified version of the floor plan, which Mick has dubbed “House MKII”
And here is the facade - though we will add a balcony over the garage and will probably have to put a "normal" roof on it and chaneg the colours to conform to the Estate Guidelines.

The amount of glass at the front is something we love for maximising the views over the golf course. For this reason we also like the flow-through effect of the living room, dining area and kitchen. We've added cavity sliding doors though for privacy. Mick is also a huge fan of the alfresco area and we have extended that area so he can BBQ without smoke getting into the house.

Here’s to round two!

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