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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Still waiting...

Well, we haven’t heard back about a base price yet from GJ Gardner and I really don’t feel like chasing them. We have however heard back from Cosmopolitan homes and while we get the feeling they’re just another sausage factory, it’s nice to get info from them on their service so we can make an informed decision. We also remembered that the fourth prescribed builder is Fairmont homes, so I will be looking into them.
We also visited the block yesterday with Mick’s parents, who came along for the adventure. The neighbourhood was quiet and friendly as always. And the house being built next door has really come along. To be honest though, I’m a bit disappointed. Though it is a fine house, I was expecting grander things. Their alfresco area couldn’t even fit a dog’s bed and we’re also not sure they’re going to insulate! They’re at a stage where they should have insulated now, but as my Dad said, perhaps they’ll blow it in (not really sure how it all works to be honest). Anyway, knowing the owner has great building connections, I thought they would do more. Never mind! I’ve managed to pin down which house they’re building, thanks to the (dis)advantage of building a project home. I’ve posted the designs of both our neighbour’s houses and some photos. And before anyone accuses us of stalking, it’s only because we need to submit a “privacy plan” to the developer, outlining our neighbour’s windows and explaining how we will maintain our (and their) privacy…plus I love seeing what other people build! Things I’ve never previously paid attention to, I now notice. Like kitchens in ads, use of materials on new builds, bathroom designs at work etc.
We’re also pretty close to having perfected our design. Unfortunately I’ve left the latest version at work, so I’ll have to upload it later.
Ok, to see the Champion Home design on our right (as you face the block), click here. It is the second layout called Lincoln 338 and it is reversed.

Photos of the house:

The house on the left of our block is a Cosmopolitan home and be viewed by clicking here. We don't have photos of the facade but it is exactly the same as on the brochure.

And some photos:

Now, the rose between two thorns...I'm talking about Mick's Parents of course!

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  1. I should note that our latest design is the same as the one posted previously. Just a slight re-working of the windows etc. I'll post it this week when I get a chance.