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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rough plans (almost) finalised...

Fairmont sent through amended plans and we had a good hard think on them over my birthday weekend. We made some slight changes and are now happy with the plans (as we have re-drawn them) and have sent them to Tom for a final re-draw and pricing. I’ve posted our amended plans below:

As you can see, we have compromised on the pantry. The normal cupboard pantry I’ve included (I think) is about 1.4m long, more than enough! And trying to fit an extra room in is difficult and certainly not worth compromising on living space or the openness of the kitchen area.
We have also planned some integrated shelving units for the Living/Dining area (which will become the Living/Reading area) and Games Room. We’ll also be putting shelving up in the Laundry (behind the door) and a workbench with shelving down the length of the Garage, which will all be done after the build. I’m glad Mick will get a nice long space for tools and other “manly”-things. Especially since Campbelltown Council mandate the 6m length so 4WD’s can fit and it would be wasted on a couple with one (small) car and two motorbikes!
Example of shelving we're after:

Also, the entry to the Games Room will have French doors. This will mean that, with the addition of double doors to the TV Room upstairs, we will have two entertainment areas that can be closed-off and more potential bedrooms, which is great for re-sale value.
And, of course, I have already begun thinking about the windows, floors, kitchen and external finishes and colours (because I can’t help myself!). So, I have included the following piccie of what our Kitchen/Meals area will (sort-of) look like:

We want those floor-boards and kitchen cabinetry (even our appliances will be similar, though we plan on getting a black, glass splashback) and the stacker-doors leading onto the alfresco area are similar again to the layout/style of what we want.
We are eagerly awaiting Tom’s reply and hope to have some good news for you today or tomorrow…

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