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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We have lift-off!

Tom from Fairmont Homes got back to us...yesterday! (Suck on that Rawson!) And the plans a good:

We gave some changes we'd like, most important among them being that we need a pantry. And, for once, my SnagIT work has let me down and I'm at a loss as to how to re-arrange the plans to fit a pantry. So we've left it to the experts, giving Tom this brief:

"The Games Room is more Mick’s domain and he doesn’t want much in the way of light/windows (it would become his media room) and the kitchen is more mine and I would like light and (visual) access to the outside… Basically, Mick wants a “den of iniquity” and I want light and nature…with a pantry. I hope that makes sense."

On the train home this evening, and after 24-hours of thought, I believe I may have it: making the laundry the pantry and turning a sliver of the Games Room into the laundry....but i'll wait and see what Tom and his draftsman come up with.

I'm also slightly disappointed that the chance for landscaping is on the side without living rooms (and I just realised that "landscaping" will actually be "water tank/air-con exchange unit/hot water service" *frowny face*) and that we don't have much in the way of lawn, but the Games Room and Alfresco are the happy trade-offs. And we may end up tweaking this anyway (especially as making things smaller may help costs). For now, I'm just looking for a pantry and being able to see garden from the kitchen.

Always getting ahead of myself I've also begun thinking about windows and an alternate use for the Dining Room as a library (perhaps more of a "reading space" with a chaise lounge and book shelves)....stay tuned!

Anyway, the plans are great for a first attempt, and as we told Tom, we are very heartened and look forward to what we can achieve with a little adjustment.

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  1. As those who know us well have pointed out, the outside is a scary place for a pair of 'rangas' so the garden issues are no longer issues :) I even had a thought that maybe a normal pantry next to the fridge would do too...