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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tender and plans nearly finalised

We’re nearly there people!
Discussions have continued with Fairmont, who have nearly perfected our plans and tender. Mick and I are getting very excited about the finished product and now just need to look at what little “extras” we want.
Fairmont have been great. Really quick to reply and they really know the guidelines! I also like that they are proactive and even suggested our external finishes to comply with the guidelines…and included the bagging in the standard quote!
Extras we’ve asked for:
-          Nice, large front door (which you can view by clicking here)
-          Gas-boosted solar hot water system (estate mandate)
-          Higher ground-floor ceilings
-          Glass kitchen splashback
-          Ducted A/C (And “damned if it isn’t the big one!” It’s epic and is our most expensive upgrade, but worth it)
-          Alarm
-          Automatic garage door with two handsets
-          Bathroom Upgrades Package (tiled shower niches, semi-frameless showers and higher tiling points)
We’re also getting costings on some nice little (unnecessary) features and we’ll see what we can afford…like a corner window above the bath in the main bathroom.
We’re also waiting on site costs (which we should have today), but we have a rough idea on these already because of Rawson’s quote.
Anyway, what a lovely house it’s shaping out to be…we can’t wait to finalise the plans and get the proper ones drawn up…though from there we need to wait until Mick’s unit is sold before taking the next step.
On the home-front, Mick is getting the last quote for the tiling tomorrow and hopes to have that work started next week. That’ll take a couple of weeks to complete and in that time we will continue packing and hope to have it on the market as soon as the tiling is done….and it’ll also be nice to be able to have friends over again. We’ve been turning them away left and right because the unit is a mess but, thankfully, it’s getting better every week.

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