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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Final Colour Selection and Stair Update

We have made our final colour selection, so there's no going back now...

All Wattyl Paint Colours-
Main wall colour: Natural Angora (B300-A)
Ceiling/skirting/doors/trim: Wattyl White (E070-A)
Formal Living & Dining feature wall: Hunter Grape (B080-G)
Hallway niche: Hunter Grape (B080-G)
Family Room feature wall: Hunter Grape (B080-G)
Study feature wall: Citadel Blue (C200-D)
TV Room feature wall: Hunter Grape (B080-G)
Main Bedroom feature wall: Eternal Dark (C320-D)

Highlighted below are the locations of the feature walls:

All I can say is that we had better love Hunter Grape! Though having said that, it will be muted by mostly light finishes and people won't be facing it all the time. We hope that the overall effect will be bold and warm.

Also, we have finalised the stair case (of course this is having not realised that it needing finalising until yesterday!). 

After immediately discounting a solid timber staircase simply for the cost of it, we have opted for a bullnose timber tread for the first step (this will look good and wear better than carpet), with standard carpeted MDF for the remainder. We have also requested that the first four stairs be open plan i.e. starting the balustrading from step five. We're also getting a solid maple handrail, as opposed to pine, so that it will be a dark colour to match the front door, floor boards and first step. Lastly, we're getting stainless steel balustrading.

One thing I've noticed from my failed Google search to find stairs that look like ours is that American's have lovely staircases. Even the most basic ones have lovely, dark hardwood treads and detailed balustrading...*sigh*

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