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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hand Over Postponed

So our house isn't ready, and to make matters worse we're currently battling with the A/C manufacturer who don't want to honour our warranty because they've suddenly decided that they don't like the placement of the exchange unit as it differs to the original plans council approved (council have since approved of the new location in their inspections). The installer wrote a very strongly worded email on the subject, to which we replied in kind. One excerpt I will share with you from my email which I feel actually sums up a lot of issues we have encountered while building, is this:

"Ultimately this matter should have been weighed against building standards/regulations, council requirements and manufacturer recommendations by the professionals we have paid (and who have been licenced) to make such decisions."

We are not the experts, and when we are told that the installer has suggested we can move the unit, we take it on good faith that they know what they are talking about and won't turn around six months later and try to get out of giving us a warranty.

Anyway, I spoke to Fairmont, and they are currently working with the A/C installer to come up with a compromise that will enable us to have a full warranty, but it should never have got to this point. I will not be recommending this A/C installer to anybody, nor will we ever use them again.

Other points holding up handover are the paint and electrics. The painter should be in tomorrow and the sparkys on Friday, however we're not confident the house will actually be ready Friday. The glazing issue, which has been going on since August last year, is still not fully resolved. Fairmont is waiting for the glazier to provide the replacement panes for Bed 1 and the Laundry (Bed 1's wardrobe pane is currently opaque but should be clear and vice-versa for the laundry window). 

Another issue is the gap between the front pylon and driveway. It looks horrible and is one of the first things you see when visiting the house. We are unable to, at such short notice, get the right size tile - though because of the front fascia tile, they would never perfectly line up anyway. For the sake of symmetry, and so that it doesn't stand out immediately to the eye, we have asked that the grout line up and be centered again:

As always, we will keep you posted.


  1. Sorry to hear it's not working out as planned. Hope they ALL get their shit together soon so you can get in that house!

    1. I reckon! Now the bank is delaying things. We're hoping for a possible Thursday morning inspection...Gah! At least it is a long weekend :)

  2. Oh dear. Hope it all works out, soon <3


    1. Thanks B. Bank has made final payment. Just waiting for funds to clear...