Share our trials and tribulations as we build our new home - a custom Dominico by Fairmont Homes NSW

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Keys at Last!

Poor Mick has been off sick the last couple of days, but at least it meant he was able to collect our keys yesterday afternoon. Yippee!

The house isn't without it's issues (for one, the gas cooktop isn't connected and we don't have the second garage/alarm clicker or alarm pin...), but at least we finally have a house!

The timber flooring is scheduled to be sanded and polished Monday-Tuesday. We also hope to book in the carpet installers for the following Friday and removalists Saturday-week.

More photos and updates to come...


  1. Yipee! Best update to pop up in my blog feed ever! Congratulations you pair. I look forward to further moving related updates!

    1. Thanks Lauren! We're super excited. Hoping to move next sat :)

  2. Woohoo!!! Congratulations guys!
    We didn't get a pin or book either and alarm went off for awhile lol
    Have fun, finally you got there :)

    1. Oh no! Hopefully we get it soon. Thanks for the congrats :) How are you finding your place?

  3. Not too bad, we have had many things fixed, our garage flooded because they forgot to put flushing on the roof? Many paint problems that we are just going to do ourselves. Wishing we upgraded tiles and sinks. These sinks are just awful and never look sparkly clean.
    Other than that we love it! Can't wait to owner build the next one though lol
    So happy for you both, I hope mick gets better. Enjoy completing the last bits and moving into your gorgeous new home!
    Chantelle :)

    1. That's terrible about the garage! I hope ours is ok *crosses fingers*. We have so many dodgy paint fixes to do also. Hopeless! I know what you mean about the tiles and vanities. We upgraded the vanities (though the one in the powder room is still a super cheapie). In the end, we sourced our own tiles because I didn't like any of the selections at their preferred supplier and we have used the Fairford Tile Centre before and they are really helpful, have good prices and great quality stock. We're thankful Fairmont let us use them. Wish we had upgraded the taps, but we had to say no somewhere.

      We also love the place but are quietly thinking of the next one (so often we mutter, "next time," or, "next house." Lol!).

      Thanks for your well wishes. It's tiring doing all the little things required to finish the place and move, but rewarding :)